Recording WHAT
Hey kiddos! While it's been a fairly silent couple years, we haven't been just sitting on our butts (but, ok, MOSTLY sitting on our butts). We've got a good handful of new tunes that we've been ironing out, and we've been giving people the first listens in our last few shows. 

With that, we've JUST booked some recording time! We're very excited to get back into the studio and go nuts creatively.

Hang tight! We'll have some hot new singles ready for you in the near future! 


Wednesday, June 8 2022

Frick yeah, Jason is so cool.


Legends is the musical adventure of a trio of wayward prairie boys who seek to express their high and low points, thoughts and fears, struggles, triumphs, and beards and stuff. With a varied sound inspired by their individual tastes in music, these three simple, humble, and gorgeous men bring emotional storytelling to the listener as if it were a shiny, golden boat on a river of soulful melodies heading straight to the heart.

Jason Legendre - Vocals, Guitar
Josh Legendre - Bass
Eder Garzona - Drums


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